production of short
& feature films

Marc Gurung

Born in 1984 in Gouvieux (Oise) and of Nepalese origin, Marc Gurung was passionate very early on by cinema by co-founding a neighborhood video association in Champigny-sur-Marne (94).

At the age of 17, he started making films around cultural events in the city and wrote his first scripts as a teenager. He then joined a public audiovisual BTS in “editing & post-production” at the Lycée Suger. After editing and directing dozens of clips and commercials, he turned to writing and directing films.

In 2014, he obtained the "Aide à l'écriture" at the Groupe Ouest Développement for the script of The Symphony of Hammers, then he met with his producers at the Short-Connections (Paris Court Devant) with whom he develops two films, including the Interview.

He wants to make a cinema that talks about family, immigration and integration based on his experiences. He particularly likes the cinema of John Cassavetes, Kim Ki-Duk, Maurice Pialat, the Dardenne Brothers and Ken Loach, for their naturalistic staging, the purity of the situations, their body language and their point of view on the society.