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Fiction short film in project - 20 min
a film by Léa-Jade Horlier
Bourse Première Oeuvre Ciclic


Eight-year-old Mary Ann, born of a prostituted mother and an unknown father, survives in the slum area of ​​Angeles City in Manila. Stigmatized, she wears on her face and overly white skin the evidence of being a child of sex tourism. To free herself, she decides to do everything to find her father. But is she really ready for anything?


France 2 pre-buy
Automatic audio-visual support of the CNC
Bourse Première Oeuvre Ciclic, in partnership with the CNC
With the support of Cinéfeel Dotation
With the support of Mouvement du Nid
With the support of Procirep and Angoa
Soutien de l’ACPE