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Shadows : Rand Beiruty and Marta Magnuska in residence at Fontevraud Abbey in July.

Premiere at the Forum des images for 13 Amsterdam Street on June 14th, 2021 : special mention for its atmosphere and the direction of actors.

Piano Sano Films Residency
Screenwriters and directors met for 5 days in a writing residency in the Landes: another look at the projects between individualized sessions and collective workshops.

And then, the silence by Lucas Trochet in official competition at the Brest European Short Film Festival. To discover it online: bit.ly/2U9yliC

13 Amsterdam Street by Olivier Lopes Barros is nearly achieved: mix session on the big screen.

Un festival c’est trop court
The short film Adat by Akaki Popkhadze is one of the projects selected by the workshop Travaux en Court(s) in Nice.

And then, the silence by Lucas Trochet will premiere at the Jean Carmet Festival with a double Young Hope nomination for Igor Kovalsky and Constantin Vidal.

Live from Colmar, Olivier Lopes Barros is shooting his first short film 13 Amsterdam Street.