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Annabelle Amoros

Annabelle Amoros is a photographer and filmmaker who has participated in various festivals such as Les Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles, Les Visions du Réel in Nyon, Indie Lisboa in Lisbon, La Nuit de l´instant in Marseille, among others. One of her videos joined the FRAC Alsace collection in 2016.

« "Annabelle Amoros is a funny bird. She works in a spooky rural environment, creates universes like nests, visits those of others and stops there, then disappears. Her vision of these pieces of life, a priori quite bleak, allows her to transform each inhabitant into a prominent character. We feel all her kindness and even her admiration for these little worlds of the countryside of which she is herself the fruit. Her work on sound is remarkable, she transforms silence into a little mental music that takes all its weight thanks to a false minimalism, in reality an enormous work of perfectionist. Her works immerse you in the sound and light of a daily life forgotten by our lives where the race for "we no longer know what" is the official religion. Like Bill Viola, Annabelle Amoros is playing on a wildly human rope, her maturity and her path seem only to be the beginnings of a succession of good news." »

Cyrille Putman