production of short
& feature films

Olivier Lopes Barros

Originally from Colmar, Olivier Lopes Barros grew up in a building “Rue d'Amsterdam”, which inspired him to write his first short film. He trained in editing and attended various writing workshops at the Agence Culturelle Grand-Est while working for various production companies in Strasbourg. 

In 2018, he won the fourth prize in the Arte Radio competition with his podcast Saudade, Saudade. At the same time, he got into writing of first short films, including Ma saudade (winner of the Trio residence, SAFIRE writing workshop and Saint-Quirin writing residence) and 13 Amsterdam Street (winner “HLM sur Court” 2020).

His past as a social educator has undeniably marked his career which, each time, leads him to imagine characters and themes around frustrated childhood, its hopes and its losses.