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Back to Wonderland

Short film - 27 min - 2019
a film by Alice Fargier
with Rossella Cecili, Alice Fargier, Guillaume Verdier and Laure Gabus
executive producer: Piano Sano Films
visa n°150.910


Alice and Rossella leave Paris for Geneva. One is on the trail of her past, the other flees the fragility of her present. The two friends travel the roads with a camera, unique witness of their adventures.



image: Alice Fargier, Michele Gurrieri
sound: Rossella Cecili, Margot Testemale, Fanny Weinzaepflen
editor: Louise Jaillette
colorgrading: Brice Pancot

Selections & awards
Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival
Swidnica Film Festival Spektrum – Mention Spéciale du Jury
VIS Vienna Shorts 2019 (Compétition Internationale Fiction & Documentaire) – Mention Spéciale du Jury